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When I was about six years old, I went to Disney's MGM Studios and was given a one-time use film camera. I spent the entire day running around the park taking photos of everything around me. There was one moment in particular that I remember very vividly. I sat on the curb looking up at a banner hanging from a lightpost. I meticulously planned and visualized the shot before I even took it. I thought it was quite possibly the best photograph anyone had ever taken. In reality, it was terribly composed and somewhat blurry. But it was that very moment that I fell in love with photography and knew I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. 








Since then, I've been traveling and capturing images of the people I've met and places I've seen. As an aficionado of exploration and anything inspiring, my dream is to share the world with others through my photographs, allowing them to experience the unfamiliar and unknown. While doing freelance work has allowed me to gain invaluable experience in a variety of other fields, my portfolio - entitled Nowhere in Particular - is a clear reflection of my passion for adventure and finding beauty in the world around us. 


So come along and enjoy the journey!

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